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Watch Netflix U.S. outside the U.S.

Stream video or music, whenever and wherever you want

(Please note that a descent website will be designed shortly and other services like Hulu, MTV, CBS, ABC, Pandora will be added shortly so bare will us . At the moment Netflix is working tho 😛  admin@encvpn.me keep this safe incase you need to contact us in the future )

Do you want to stream video or audio from U.S.-based on-demand Internet streaming media providers but can’t get in on the fun because you’re living outside the U.S.? Fear not, you have come to the right place. Tunlr lets you stream content from sites like Netflix U.S. even though you’re not in the U.S.? EncVPN lets you do this.

It’s absolutely free

That’s right. EncVpn won’t cost you a dime! Our service is absolutely free and without any limitations. We also have a strict “no advertisment” policy.

Easy to setup

There’s no software to install. You don’t need to create an account with us. No password to remember. Setting up EncVPN is a breeze and you can start watching video instantly.

Streaming in HD quality

Thanks to EncVpn you will be streaming data
in the best quality available. Since we don’t route multimedia content over an intermediary network, only the speed
of your internet connection is the limiting factor.